Drake's T-shirt. For every adventurer...

Hand­made, high quality and stylish men's T-shirt. Design was inspired by the famous and popular action adventure game series Uncharted.


High quality handmade work and high quality „Finerib” material that came from a sewing workshop of European Gamer's Style.


Long-sleeve T-shirt with side buttons, for ease sleeves shortening.


The combination of colors and materials is complemented by high quality embroidery pattern in the Uncharted style. On the chest is embroidery lucky horseshoe and on the back is adventure compass for every journey...


The material and design of European Tailoring school guarantees a long term life of wearing, fastness of the color and the embroidery.


Drake's T-shirt from Slovak company Gamer's Style is a piece that should definitely belong to the collection of every lover of the Uncharted series, whereby the design and quality of the clothing appreciated also by people without knowing of the game Uncharted.



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